Addendum to the previous post

I previously discussed Leybold’s excellent models, past and present. Steve, who is a gentleman and a scholar in addition to being a model enthusiast, sent a list of Leybold models from a book chapter written by Anne Walton [1].

For the sake of future readers, I’ll include that list from 1969 here. (I’ll apologize in advance for the lack of subscripts.)

Crystal systems:

crystal system set, Bravais lattices


NaCl, CsCl, zinc blende, wurtzite, CaF2, CdI2, CdCl2, Al2O3, Cu2O, ice I, PbO, NiAs, rutile, perovskite, spinel

Metals and alloys:

Cu, Mg, Sn, U, W, autenite, martensite

Silica and silicates:

quartz, cristobalite, tridymite, topaz, zircon, beryl, diopside, kaolinite, set of 6 partial silicate models


protein α- and γ-spiral

Either this was an incomplete list or Leybold’s offerings exploded during the 70’s; Walton’s 1978 book[2] states Leybold had around 100 models for sale! Unfortunately, that list has shrunk to the 14-or-so now available.

[1] Progess in Stereochemistry. Vol. 4, B. J. Aylett and M. M. Harris, eds. (Butterworths, London) 1969.

[2] A. Walton, Molecular & Crystal Structural Models (Ellis Horwood, Chichester, UK, 1978) p. 73.