The 2017 Christmas gift guide for science nerds

What to get the scientist or science teacher who has everything?  This gift guide is here to help.  Below you'll find plenty of ideas for the chemist, physicist, biologist, or engineer in your life.  Let's get started...

Helium cookie.jpg

Let's be honest: Spelling with elements has officially broken bad. However, blocks from the periodic table remain iconic, and any scientist with a sweet tooth would still love to see this in their stocking.  $6.50 from BoeTech LLC on Etsy


Truth in advertising here: I'm responsible for the unspeakable geekery necessary to put electron diffraction patterns on a coffee mug. If you have a scientist on your gift list that works in materials science, they're sure to appreciate the Kikuchi lines from a diamond as they sip their favorite beverage each morning.  (I know I do.) $24.99 on Society6.


This keychain featuring ethanol (the kind of alcohol we can drink without going blind) has a lip that that allows it to be used as a bottle opener.  Not cool enough?  It's also 3-D printed!  Available in a number of metals from Shapeways.

planet glasses.jpg

This set of glasses is stunning.  Each represents a different planet in our solar system plus the sun and Pluto. (Sorry, Pluto.) Available from Think Geek for $50.

element clock.jpg

The ol' clock on the wall says it's neon, so I guess...wait a minute! This laser engraved wooden clock features elements one (hydrogen) to 12 (magnesium). Did I mention it's LASER engraved? From miniFab on Etsy ($44.99).

microscope lamp.jpg

A repurposed microscope will brighten any scientists Christmas morning!  Available from NorthernElectric on Etsy for $85.


For those whose interests in "paleo" extends beyond what they eat, there's a whole store devoted to realistic, museum-quality models of dinosaur bones and other prehistoric beasties.  They're definitely only for good boys and girls.  Available on Amazon.


Help someone pass the time watching magnetic "sand"....and then spend even more time trying to explain what's going on.  Available on Amazon.

CS - journal.png

If you're like me, you're always looking for a new notebook to capture all my good ideas.  Well, to capture ideas in general. Cognitive Surplus has made some beautiful notebooks with covers that any chemist, physicist, biologist, or engineer would love.

CS - glass.jpg

Another one from Cognitive Surplus.  (I love those guys.)  They have an entire line of glassware etched with appropriate chemical structures (wine, beer, whisky), with physics-y Feynman diagrams, and lots of other brainy motifs.  Prices range from $15 for a pint glass to $50 for a set of stemless wine glasses.


Based on an old-fashioned brass ring stand and a newfangled glass pour-over, this would be the perfect gift for your coffee-loving chemist or chemistry teacher.  Available for $179 from the Coffee Registry on Etsy.