Way back in middle school…

Our science lab had a small collection of molecular models like the ones you see here. I don’t think my teacher ever used them in the curriculum, and thinking about, I’m not sure how they got there. However, I used to marvel at those things every day!

Those models were probably what started me on my path in the physical sciences. (Having incredible teachers along the way helped a bit as well.) In college, I accidentally found a major where atoms, crystallography, and microscopic structure were at the very heart: materials science. After many years of post-doctoral study…studying mostly amorphous materials…and even more years of the usual stuff (work, family, etc.), I found I’d drifted from what initially got me excited about science years ago. That’s when I started building models.

Now, I use model-building to reconnect and to learn. But I also hope to give others that spark of wonder that I found decades ago.