Whether your interest in molecular models comes from a lifetime in science or a fondness for their design, the beauty of nature inspires all of us!

The symmetries, the structures, the order...they take on even deeper meaning with knowing that they represent actual objects in our world.

If you're looking for a quality crystal structure or molecular model that's made with pride by hand, you've found the right place!  Whether it's for yourself or for a science- or chemistry-themed gift, you'll definitely find something you'll like.


The power of handmade!


Handmade means freedom!

While you can find a wide range of ready-made products available in the shop, customization is also possible.  This includes

  • Molecules or crystal structures that are significant to you

  • Colors and finishes (e.g., school colors, interior design, or wood stains)

  • Spoke materials (stainless steel, polished brass, antiqued brass, copper, or wood)

Contact me if you're interested in custom work, and we can work together to establish a quote:

Sevoflurane, a common general anesthetic

Sevoflurane, a common general anesthetic




“A beautiful and uniquely fascinating molecule, brilliantly synthesized. The craftsmanship easily meets–and likely exceeds–the standard set by the iconic ‘German engineered’ Leybold's models of last century. A museum quality piece at a very reasonable price. Outstanding!”